Are We Invisible Yet?
hey im livy.. um, i am terribly awkward, horrendously stupid, and well just plain weird. and this is my blog. bienvenido?
this is my story, just waiting for The End.
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Dead Hollywood by Matt Busch

When the outbreak spreads, zombies will dine on the innards of rich and poor alike, but when the Zombie Singularity inevitably happens, is it a stretch to think that the plague could also infect our favorite films? Matt Busch has been zombifying classic movie posters for years, with several new one recently hitting the cyber shelves. A select few can be purchased at his online store.

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cashier: that’ll be $4.20

me: bruh

cashier: bruh

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*accidentally calls a teacher “bae”*

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The saddest shit ever said. (via dvadeset-sedmi-august)

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You drink like you have to forget something.


hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 

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